ALTRAN at Info Night 2017 - first experience in Strasbourg

ALTRAN at Info Night 2017 – first experience in Strasbourg

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What “La nuit de l’info” Stands for?

You have certainly heard about it – or perhaps not – in any case, the tenth edition of Nuit de l’Info took place at the end of 2017 on 7 and 8 December.
“La nuit de l’info” contest is the most fun serious-game gathering thousands of students to develop a web application in one night.
The night takes place every year, from the first Thursday of December, sunset, to sunrise the next morning.
“La nuit de l’Info” is a national competition that brings together students, teachers and companies to work together on the development of a web application.
Participants have the duration of one night to propose, implement and packager a Web 2.0 application.
During the night, partners challenge participating teams with challenges (e. g. the most ergonomic web interface, better system architecture, better collaboration, etc.) and offer prizes for the most successful teams.
The night is also an opportunity for meetings and discussions with the companies, engineers and business leaders who come to support the students, or even give them some advice to better meet the challenges.

Some numbers of the night

13 hours to respond to a problem with a web-oriented IT solution for the most part.
3345 students took up the challenge of spending (almost) the whole night awake to ensure a response to the national subject imposed.
467 teams had to choose between the challenges submitted by the partner companies of the event.
47 reception sites throughout France, Tunisia and the French Overseas Departments and Territories.
110 participating schools to encourage their students!

Thanks to the partners, nearly
€25,000 in rewards* for the 54 challenges offered!
* Rewards are offered in the form of (mostly) gift certificates, computer or connected hardware (Raspberry Pi, Robots, Drones, etc.) or VIP training/invitations.

The business partners were 51 to participate and among them, newcomers: this was the case of ALTRAN.
ALTRAN was present on the STRASBOURG reception site (at the UFR Maths-Info) to offer students an interactive animation: it was a contactless 3D object manipulation application (link here). Our stand offered information on the company’s culture and values, Altran presentation leaflets, along with goodies and culinary delights.
In addition to the Altran Stage Book propounded, Commit Strip book (a comic strip that highlights the life of the developers) quite well known and appreciated by the students on site has been made available.
Playing the interface role between what Altran is and what careers can offer to graduate students, was a pleased experience for us.

The big ALTRAN winners of the night!

Among the 25 teams of the 53 registered teams, White Walkers (reference to the Game Of Thrones television series) win the jackpot: 1000 € of gift vouchers and 10 € of vouchers per person. They mastered a javascript framework (among the three proposed: Angular, React and Vue) and tested their rigour in their collaborative work by using the git versioning tool.


Thank you to ALTRAN for proposing this challenge, which we liked very much.
In one night, we had to learn how to organize as a team, remain consistent by working on different challenges and distribute the technical skills of each one as well as possible. The tiredness that we could feel at certain times was quickly erased by our motivation and the coffee.
The challenge has allowed us to realize that JS frameworks are very suitable for teamwork, especially through the use of git.
It is a very good experience, as much encouraged by our University as by the participating companies, which will leave us all with very good memories.

Team Leader of White Walkers

Among the 10 teams of the 20 registered teams, Anonymousse (reference to anonymous) succeed the “Teletyping” challenge with an original and effective proposal! They win the prize of 200 € of gift vouchers and 10 € of vouchers per person.


I’m really happy to have participated in the contest, already because the atmosphere in our band was there and we had fun until the last minute.
Then coding during a night is very instructive I must confess, we had the opportunity to do some web and a game (which allowed us to discover react-vr).
For my part, the challenge that you proposed to us allowed me to discover Atom and explore all kinds of Atom plugins that will be useful to me later or even for our challenge in order to make our video beautiful, playful, and pleasant.

Team Leader of Anonymousse


To conclude this article, I would like to thank the organizers of the event and the University of Strasbourg for having welcomed ALTRAN with joy and cheerfulness: Thank you Melanie Weber.
Our position as IT engineer consultants at Altran has not deprived us of feeling valued and useful thanks to the support of Marc Leberger, our managers Virginie Phelippeau, Thomas Desclozeaux and my colleague Michel EDIGHOFFER.
This event « Nuit de l’Info 2017 », is an experience to renew and live with you next year!!